Know How to Restore Deleted Entourage Mails in Easiest Way

Are you facing data loss situation on Mac Entourage? Do you want to recover Mac files from Mac hard drive? If yes then don’t panic as instant and easiest solution is available over here. In today’s scenario where fast communication is required, email has own importance because it provide fast and secure transfer of your data to someone known. Mac Entourage is one the most popular email client application specially designed for Mac user to get connected with their associates through exchange of emails. Using this application you can not only send or receive mails but you can also save several files in entourage database. In order to store different types of data, RGE file has been used and maintained separately. Due to that you get fast accessibility of your file. Although it is a good utility for the same but you might get some adverse situation where your file will be inaccessible and immediate Mac entourage recovery will required from Mac hard drive.


How Mails and other Files can be Lost from Mac Entourage

There could be various reasons which can affect Entourage data base and be a cause of data loss. After existence of corruption in the database, you completely become unable to get your required file at the time and you find that your Mac entourage data hangs and not responding . Among several reasons few common causes can be see below, take a look:-

  • If RGF header file get corrupted.
  • When database identity is get damaged.
  • Due to inappropriate synchronization of data.
  • If you have accidentally formatted your Dive.
  • Due to damaged file system .
  • If you have deleted your mail and other data unintentionally
  • Due to application malfunctions .
  • Severe Virus attack.
  • Abrupt termination of Entourage application is another reason.

In above given scenarios deleted mail recovery on Mac would be required. Data can be happen due to uncertain as well as unexpected error message which suddenly appear on your computer screen. Some common error messages are given below:-

Frequent Error Messages Faced by Mac Entourage Users

  • Unable to send or receive mail.
  • Database is Damaged.
  • An unknown error has occurred while rebuilding Entourage database.
  • Permission denied to open database.
  • Action could not be completed at this moment.
  • Mac Entourage fails to respond.
  • Unable to open Entourage.

If you get such type of error messages on your screen then you should be careful because your further file deletion and any silly use of Mac machine can delete your mails permanently. Experts always advised that, user should always take precaution to avoid data loss because it is highly unacceptable and complete Mac photo recovery from memory card or email recovery from Entourage database is not possible manually if it became inaccessible. In data loss situation you should look for best third party tool to complete recovery process at the earliest.

Best Way to Recover Delete Mac Entourage Mails

Mac Entourage Recovery Software is one the best tool among various options available in the market. It provide complete as well as instant recovery of deleted mail and messages from Mac Entourage database. If you are looking for email, messages, audio, video or picture  recovery even from emptied trash in hassle free manner then it could be your best option. The software has advance scanning technique through which your mailbox as well as complete hard drive will be scanned and data will be recovered. It will provide you all deleted files in its original format. There could be different types of data in your mail but the software is able to restore formatted or non formatted files as it has rich file library to support file format. Using the tool you can see preview of all recoverable files and save them at your desired location. It has few and simple steps through which anyone, even novice user can also recover deleted Mac Entourage data in very less time. Therefore it is recommended to avail the software to get desired result of mail recovery from damaged or corrupted database of Mac Entourage.

User Guide of Mac Entourage Recovery Software

Step 1. First of all Download and install Mac Entourage Recovery Software on your system and then select files of Entourage database.


Step 2. Here you can use Browse button to select Entourage file from specific location.

2-300x141 2p

Step 3. Here scanning process will start and after completion you can get message summery along with full details, you only have to select Close button to terminate dialog box.


Step 4. Now you can see preview of all recovered mail and messages which has become earlier. Here you can choose View menu option for more option.


Step 5. Now select “File” option to save your recovered files at a specific location.

5-300x143 5p

Step 6. In this step you have to select your location to save recovered files over there.

6-300x145 6p

Step 7. Finally select Save button to restore recovered files and to complete the recovery process.



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