Entourage For Mac hangs And Does Not Respond

Entourage: A well known application developed by Microsoft and it is one of most popular application as it stores your important mails, contacts , journals , notes and many more . It stores all your important data in a particular database and will keep all the data safely and securely and it also create an unique identity for each of the users. But sometimes, issues may arise leading to complete inaccessibility of entourage database files.

One of them is when Entourage hangs and does not respond. Actually the data gets stored as .rge file format in Mac Entourage. But some time users might find it difficulties while accessing the stored data. This can be due to the corruption of database files. Generally, such sorts of problem arises when their is a corruption in header part or one can go for installation of fake programs, virus attack and many more. You can resolve your problem by using some of the simple steps such as :


When the entourage is open and still spinning balls keeps popping then quit the application. If you want to do this then you have to click on apple command + option key.

By doing this you will get a window where you should be able to select not responding entourage application and then you have to click on force quit button of the application .

This updation will make your 10.3 panther , snow leopard and so on  system more stable in use

For this you have to click on blue apple icon in the upper left corner of your screen and drop down select software update , this will allow you to update your mac osx 10.3.9

Once you complete your update then the entourage will ask you to perform the action below .

If you are not able to perform these action then there is only one way to recover your data that is “Entourage recovery software ”. It supports all the version of mac and compatible with Macintosh operating system and also restore data from the corrupted or inaccessible database and also recover data from the corrupted memory cards

Features of Entourage recovery software :

User Guide for Entourage recovery software

Step 1: Download and install the Entourage recovery software.


Step 2: Now select the entourage database file and then click on browse button to find from the other location.


Step 3: Now start scan button to perform the scanning process.


Step 4: Preview the recovered file by clicking on mail button or go to the view menu and mail option .


Step 5: Now you have to select the location to save your recovered files.

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