Entourage Recovery For Mac : Repair And Restore Entourage Files Easily

Mac is widely used by many peoples because it offers you large number of latest and advanced features. It is completely robust in nature and that’s why it’s usages are increasing very rapidly across the world. Communication is one of the major aspects in this technology or computer era and e-mail is the easiest way to communicate with any one. That’s why Mac OS X offers you e-mail client and information manager called Microsoft Entourage which is launched by Microsoft Corporation. With the help of this application you can easily save or store all your important details like address book, calendar, notes, journals and many more files. Apart from this, Entourage also supports features of rescuing e-mails with the help of IMAP, webDAV and POP for MS Exchange servers. Having all these best features sometimes you may also face data loss issues and in order to get rid of need a easy and simple data recovery software for Mac. In the below section you can see more about it.

Possible Causes for Data Loss in Entourage

With Entourage sometimes it may happens with you that you are unable to access your e-mail messages and also other files. Whenever you try to open e-mail messages from your Entourage application, it displays you error messages. Usually such type of problems occurs when your data get corrupted or damaged. There are several reasons responsible for corruption of Entourage data and some of the few reasons behind this are responsible are as follows:

  • Virus or Malware Attacks,
  • Improper system shutdown,
  • Application malfunction,
  • Database header corruption,
  • Identity corruption,
  • Accidental deletion of files,
  • Inappropriate synchronization of data etc.

Whatever are the reason for data loss from Entourage application, losing precious or important is like a pain. But if you have proper backup of entire Entourage database then don’t get panic because with the help of this you can easily restore all your lost or deleted files. Apart from this, it is also possible that you don’t have backup of your important data. At this situation you need a quick solution to recover lost or corrupt files from Entourage application.

Few Common Error Messages

Sometimes it is also possible that you are facing error messages when you try to access or open corrupt e-mail messages or other important files like contacts, notes, calendar etc. Some of the few common error messages are seems like :

“The action can not be finished. An undefined error (4363) generated.”

“You are not able to access the application of entourage.”

“Failed to open the database.”

“Error 39” corruption opening database.

“The identity cannot be opened with this versions of Entourage.”

“You office DB is damaged.”

Besides of this, you can also get other error messages when your Entourage data gets corrupted or damaged. At this situation, you need a proper solution and recovery software through which you can get back all lost or corrupt data from Entourage application in Mac operating system. With the use of rebuilding of entourage database, you can easily restore all lost or corrupt data.

How to Rebuild Entourage Database?

If you are facing data loss issues due to corruption and also getting error messages and looking for an easy solution to fix corruption errors. Then must use rebuilding of database by using database utility. This is inbuilt maintenance tool of Entourage users and in order to perform rebuilding of Entourage database, follow below mentioned easy and simple steps:

1. First you have to launched Macintosh Entourage while holding Option key. With the help of this you are able to open database utility.

2. Now main screen appears with four options:

a) Verify
b) Compact
c) Rebuild
d) Set preferences

3. Then select ‘Rebuild’ database option and click on continue button.
Through this, it completes the rebuild process.

4. After completion of process try to opening the account to check whether data is repaired or not.

If in case still you are unable to open data then you need to restore data from backup. You can restore all your lost data by importing REG file to entourage account. Apart from this, when all the process fails to restore your important data then you must go for third party tool.

Best Way to Fix Data Loss in Mac Entourage

When you are unable to fix data loss in Mac Entourage after rebuilding of database and also restoring from backup, then you must use third party tool called Mac Entourage Recovery software. This is really very great software and perform Entourage recovery from Mac within few minutes because this is built with all the advanced features and functionality and takes deep scanning process of entire hard drive or disk. Entourage Free Mac Recovery software is specially designed by technical experts that’s why it retrieve all your lost items including e-mail messages, tasks, calendars, contacts, notes, attachments etc in an very least amount.

Features of Mac Entourage Recovery Software:

 Easily and Effectively handle corruption problems like virus attacks, OS failure, database corruption etc.

 It uses deep scanning and searching of files from database or hard drive because the software is built with advanced features and latest technology.

 Restores Entourage database to RGE file which is an archive file format of Entourage.

 Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Entourage e-mail client like 2008, 2004 etc.

 Runs easily on all versions of Mac operating system like 10.7 Lion, 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard, and 10.4 Tiger.

 Provide you very easy and simple interface at recovery time.

So, without wasting your important time just go for Mac Entourage Recovery software and get back all lost files from Mac only with few clicks of mouse.

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